Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Mrs Molesworth (1939-1921) and Sir James Percy Fitzpatrick (1862-1931)

One author's name seems to have cropped up a lot in our three meetings so far: that of Mrs Molesworth (1839-1921).  I'd never come across her - surprisingly, considering my diet of Victorian children's books -  but once you've heard a name it's incredible how often it comes up!  Just clearing old books from my father-in-law's house near Ludlow when I came across an original copy of Four Winds Farm (1908).  Some nameless child has coloured-in all the plates with felt pen ... I thumbed through the book but must admit I don't know if I could face investing several hours into actually reading it! 

Four Winds Farm by Mrs. Molesworth
In the same pile of books I also found an original copy of Jock of the Bushveldt (1907) by Sir James Percy Fitzpatrick (1862-1931) - a story about a faithful dog - which looks like it could be more interesting.  Apparently it's a South African classic, and has recently been made into a 3D movie.  Oh, the joy of second-hand books!

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