Friday, 22 July 2011

The Borrowers: Bath preview of new Japanese animated children's movie

There will be a special children's preview of the new Japanese animation adventure, ARRIETTY at the Little Cinema in Bath on Saturday afternoon, 23 July - the first day of its UK release. 

Little Cinema, Bath

Set in present-day suburban Tokyo, the blurb says: "The scurry of tiny footsteps echoes underneath the floorboards of a sprawling mansion.  Fourteen-year-old Arrietty has lived in the recesses of this grand manor all her life, totally unbeknown to the two old ladies who occupy it.  Arrietty and her diminutive family survive by 'borrowing' everyday items from their inadvertent landlords.  When 12-year-old Sho moves into the mansion while awaiting medical treatment at a clinic in the city, Arrietty starts to see humans in a different light.  Disregarding her parents' advice, she announces herself to Sho and a friendship sparks into life."

Described as "a magical riff on British writer Mary Norton's cherished novel The Borrowers" this could be worth finding a child to take to!

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